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Finally a personalized weight loss system that works with your body and personality. eDiet Central provides a unique, personalized approach based on your body's specific needs.

Everyone's body is different. Our weight loss specialists develop a weight management system based on fact - not gimmicks. Careful consideration must go into your nutritional intake, how much you exercise, and your lifestyle.

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Our guaranteed weight loss program follows a simple formula that has worked over and over for thousands of people around the world.

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Our personalized approach will walk you by the hand, giving you the support, guidance, motivation and tools you need - until you have achieved the results you want.

At eDiet Central we walk you through the program step-by-step, and develop a personalized plan based on your goals and comfort level.


Our Weight Loss Program includes:

  • Your own personal weight loss counselor
  • Trained weight management specialists and online/offline guides
  • Food/nutritional counseling (suggested recipes and nutritional guidelines)
  • Weight Loss formulas and supplements
  • Ongoing, personalized support
  • Extended maintenance program
  • Access to our members-only area

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